Thursday, June 28, 2012

What is the next big thing?

When I pose this question to myself, one moment the answer is an endless list of things but when I give it another thought it trickles down to nothing at all. So varied is the response to this question in my head and after much deliberation according to me the next big thing could be just about anything. It’s just about getting it right at the right place and the right time.

The next big thing is to move ahead of our times and get over a credit based economy. It has left half the globe in debt and we clearly don’t know how to face the worst impact of credit gone wrong. It is a new way of doing commerce.

It is the end of currency exchange. It is the death of a transaction and of interest. The next big thing is Gross Happiness Product not Gross Domestic Product. It is to engage and not transact. To share and celebrate. To give and not expect.

The next big thing is to be selfless.

It is the birth of Social Entrepreneurship. Of doing well by doing good. Of reusing and recycling. It is to look through people’s mind. It is to get the right balance between wealth and welfare. It is to jump over the wall of materialistic pleasures and look deep within for the purpose of our being.

The next big thing is erasing boundaries and tearing off passports. Of giving the best experience to anyone anywhere anytime. And working towards achieving this.

The next big thing is to break out of the monotony. To think differently and think consciously. It is to cross that thin line between work and play. To scrap off ‘9 to 5’ and nurture creativity and innovation, floating of free spirits and limitless thought.

The next big thing is noetics.

To make sense out of superstition, to marry logic and intuition. And then make deductions to learn and understand. To quantify thoughts, sense our society's pulse and reflect on the innermost feelings it generates.

The next big thing is to keep it simple.

It is to love. Plain simple love. It is to keep relationships clean. It is about aesthetics and fresh smiles. Clear direction and focus.

The next big thing is to travel.

To explore and win hearts. To read between the lines. To meet people and dive into cultures, to get them at the centre of what we do – customers, employees, yourself, everyone. It is to organise one big party to which everyone’s invited to live happily ever after!

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