Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to the Blog


So I am back to blogging. After my first attempt one and a half years ago and two very long blog posts later, I restart.

Too many unfinished stories to tell, too many pending conversations. But I thought I'd better leave them in my memory and start afresh now.

So starting today, you will read everything and anything that crosses my Ywhacky mind from as of this moment.

Everything and anything that is worthy enough of getting noticed by my senses in our current way of life, will crop up in a blog post. Considering the amount of information I barge myself with everyday, I am sure you will find the trickle from that information overload that makes its way here, to be very interesting!

From now and forever...


London on a student budget

How much will living in London cost as a Student?

This is a basic Go-To-Guide when trying to account for the cost of living in London as a student. It all depends on how cost conscious or frivolous you are. It would be ideal to budget keeping in mind the following costs. The figures are not complete and this should be used as a guide and not a definitive table to calculate costs.

As you will see below:
- depending on where you decide to stay the rent cost will differ
- if you decide to stay as a PG your food cost will also be lesser than £450 a month
- as a rule, the further away from Zone 1 you stay the higher the travel cost
- also as a rule, the further away from Zone 1 you stay the lower the rent

Make sure you do not double count rent and food when estimating your costs.

Student living cost in London

Sr. No.
Monthly (£)
1 Local Travel (Travel pass) 200 This is for Zones 1 to 5. Visit http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/14416.aspx
2 Food (3 meals a day @ £5) 450 If living in Uni. Halls
3 Food (1 meal a day @ £5) 150 If living as a PG
4 Rent (£100/week) 400 Inclusive of food at a family as PG
5 Rent (Uni. Halls @200/week) 800
6 Books £10
7 Entertainment £50 Movies, restaurants, events, concerts, day trips…
8 Phone calls to India (1pence/min) £10 100pence = £1
9 BBM + mobile internet £5 Unlimited BBM + Internet
10 Phone calls within UK £25 Make your own plan on a billing plan


Students get 30% travel discount on travel within London

With a valid NUS or university card you can get discounts at almost every place