Need Help? Just Ask.

Over the year's I have been inundated with some very interesting questions by:

- Friends (Why doesn't my best friend ever make an effort?, Can you help me design an invite?, I need to think of a gift for my girlfriend, please help!)

- Family (What career is best for me?, What can I name my baby?)

- Colleagues (What should I eat today?, What is Jainism?) and

- Strangers (Where is Gateway of India?, You look familiar, have we met?) 

And I have enjoyed answering each one of them. Whether it is a serious question about relationships, religion and philosophy or a silly one about which colour to paint your living room walls (or can you paint those walls?), whether it is for a project you are working on, a task you want done (mostly to do with drawing, painting, creative thinking, blue skying or writing), or questions that you have failed to find an answer for, go ahead and ask a question.

And always remember no question is a stupid question. So simply ask.

I might not have an answer to your questions but I promise to get back to you with any kind of help that I can offer.

All questions received will be kept confidential.

So go on, click here to ask a question.

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