Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The Millennium Wheel is a world renowned merry-go-round presenting to you a leisurely glimpse of one of World’s greatest cities, London, from cloud nine!  More commonly called as the LONDON EYE, it lets you soak in the length and breadth of the city, but what you make of London from that view is solely based on your own viewpoint and perspective. This blog will show you that very same city, inch-by-inch, as we rise in this ascent, but what’s going to be different is that this London will be a different London, a more magical London, it will be the LONDONThruMyEYE!

Almost a year ago in September 2009, I applied to the University of Westminster hoping to come to London for one life-changing year. All the forms, applications, statements of purpose, letters of support, recommendations, transcripts, deferment of admission, scholarship applications, change of course and one whole year later I finally reached where I had intended to be – The City of London!
{For those wanting to know a detailed account on ‘A Classic Guide to Apply for a University Abroad’, mail me}

As the days of departure came closer, the hustle and bustle of getting everything in place did not really permit me any time to digest the fact that within a few weeks I would have to cope up with the absence of all those things that I was so obsessed with, and that list of things is a really long one! A joke by an Idiot(Yes, DedhiaRef.1 that is you) ended up activating my Caller Tunes to some god-forsaken Hindi film song, which I then changed to a befitting ‘I’m leaving on a Jet Plane’ by John Denver, and this was the only way by which I could truly express what I had felt then.

During the packing, V.I.S.A.Ref.2,  incessant shopping, V.I.S.A., meeting full family, V.I.S.A., meeting every friend and did I mention V.I.S.A., I knew it at the back of my mind that with every smiling-hugging good-bye came the after-bye which always left my eyes moist. But I kept reminding myself that it was just going to be for a year. Time flies and we all know that and the more I thought about cutting off, the more it would bother me. The answer was simple; it wasn’t really a big deal. The deal is as big as we make it out to be. Of course I was feeling all aww-ish about leaving but that was something I knew from the day I had applied for the course. I knew that going away was a part and parcel of the decision, and that slowly but subconsciously I had prepared myself to deal with it. The BBM-FB-Internet-Era has also made connecting with everyone so much easier, and that reassured me that I won’t be that Mumbai-sick very soon.
{For those wanting to know a detailed account on ‘Pre-Departure Preparations’, mail me}

A deep of sense of gratitude radiates from the depth of my being to everyone who called, messaged, emailed, met-up and wall-scrapped to send in all there good wishes all through the last week.

For friends, this blog will help us keep in touch and will give you an exhaustive account of my stay here in London.  For prospective Londoners, it will be a guide to everything you wanted to know about this city and for the rest it will be just another forgettable Blog!


Ref.1 - Dedhia, short for Pranav Dedhia, brother from a different mother, dear friend and Idiot!
Ref.2 – V.I.S.A., abbreviation for Visitor Intention to Stay Abroad! (Surprised to know that it has a full form? =P)

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