Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to avoid an arranged marriage

I don't think there is a definite answer to what works better - arranged marriage or love marriage or no marriage. But if you think an arranged marriage is not your cup of tea, here are ways to ensure you are off every hunter-dad's radar who is looking for his daughter's perfect match!

1. Don't learn how to drive a car
The thought of his daughter will have to tow you around the city for now and forever will give him nightmares. You'll be slipping down to the bottom of his prospective grooms list with élan if you convince the dad that you plan to hire a chauffeur 24x7.

2. Work for a charity
It is bad enough that you are not a doctor, engineer or chartered accountant, but working for a not-for-profit organisation is even worse. It is a direct sign that his high-maintenance daughter will never be happy. Because apparently career growth within charities is slow and they don't pay well.

3. Live abroad
The first question he will ask is, 'Where are you planning to settle?'. Say you're confused. If you are not sure about your future plans he is not sure if he wants to give you his daughter's hand.

4. Rent a house
So you don't own a house? End of story. He wins, you lose. But secretly you know you win!

5. Be a perpetual student
Any mention of exams and university even when you've crossed 25 on the age bar signifies you must've failed a few years or skipped university. How can his daughter marry someone who is still studying at university? That's just not allowed.

6. Say you play no sports
No interest in cricket or football? That's a disgrace! Occasional running and swimming is just not good enough. And volunteering at sports events to help with mundane organisational tasks is outright unacceptable.

7. Adoption plans
Be forceful and lay it bare. Tell him you definitely want to adopt a child in the future.

8. Bake-off
Bake a cake for for him when you first meet him. When he asks if your mom made the delicious cake, be adamant and say, 'NO! I did!'.

9. Friendship overdose
Weave an extravagant picture about your social life. Don't cover up about you being a social butterfly, either travelling to new places, befriending strangers or planning things-do-to with your ever-expanding circle of close friends. And if you let slip by that most of them are from the opposite sex, even better.

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