Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day - Spring Concert

In case you were not aware what the choristers from University of Westminster were up to, we performed at our annual Spring Concert in early April 2013.

If you missed it, here is a collection of the songs we sang. It was a great evening, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved how the concert had musical pieces from different corners of the world.

The Circle Of Life

Swing Low Sweet Chariot


Ekla Cholo Re

The Lord is My Shepherd

Take me or Leave me

Amazing Grace

O Re Mi

Get Happy, Happy Days are here again

Beautiful Day

To see a list of all the performances click here.

The University of Westminster's Choral Society is led by Robbie Jacobs and consists of students, alumni and staff of the university. The performances are put together by a collaborative effort and give students a chance to hone their singing skills. If you would like to work with them please contact the director of the Centre for Performing Arts here or drop me a line and I can put you in touch with them.

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