Monday, December 24, 2012

Illustrated Christmas cards

Having visited a workshop on Fashion Illustration at the Victoria and Albert Museum earlier this month I decided to put my newly honed illustration skills to good use by making hand-made cards for a handful of people I know. The workshop was conducted by renowned illustrator Stuart McKenzie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot over a short span of an hour.

I am sure you all have that one friend who you could relate to in the illustrations below. Give me a shout if you need any made and I shall send them over. All proceeds will be donated. Merry Christmas!

The butter-fingered

The tea-lover

The Movember-man

The bead-wearer

The Brit-Indian

The foodie-drinker

The low-battery-complainer

The detox-dieter

The mulled-wine-mince-pie-lover

The beer-belly

The art-appreciater

The social-media-resident

The fitness-freak

The ice-skater

The graduand

The goodie-two-shoes

The cup-cake-drooler

The perpetual-traveller

The pastafarian

The smoking-quitter

The sailor

The Olympic-beer-drinker

The couch-surfer

The free-spirited


  1. Love the designs! :D
    Reminds me of the cards I used to make in school... Nostalgia coming over!